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Data Entry Services offered by Bharat Web

Harmonious infotech helps Instiution ,companies , government Sectpor for information and data entry services in excel format or in forms with the help of its operators with fast processing speed sitting in our remote centre.

What can be Outsourced/Delivered to us

All the data entry services can be outsourced to us. These services include:

  • Form Data Entry
  • Medical Data Entry
  • Library Archiving
  • Web Data Entry
  • Order Data Entry
  • Online Data Entry
  • Billing Data Entry
  • Survey Data Entry
  • Insurance Data Entry
  • Survey and Others


How to Outsource/Deliver to us

For the actual execution of work, we will need to exchange information with the Companies. Input data can be ginven in the form of Scanned Data or any other source available on internet as applicable and we shall give them output data after processing their input data. For such exchange of information, a media has to be selected. Even Courier can be done by the Company. Following are the options of media, from which the overseas counterpart can choose:

  • We can download input/ upload output on Server of the Company or Company can upload their informaion on our Server. We have our own Server with Space of 1000 gb. We will provide you FTP.
  • E mail attachments be sent as input data as well as output data You can choose the media according to your convenience/usage.


Why Outsource from Us or Why hire Harmonious Inforecch

  • Consistent quality, timely service delivery & cost effectiveness
  • Stringent data / information security measures applied
  • Advanced and reliable data entry tools, macros, scripts utilization
  • Major costs savings in overhead work
  • Trained and highly qualified staff at your disposal, anytime you need
  • You pay only for actual work done

Who Can Outsource their Data Entry Work to Harmonious infotech

We provide services to all the sectors with special emphasis to service sectors like health, medical, legal, insurance, banking and financial companies to enable them to significantly reduce their cost and also helping them shift their focus to more strategic things.

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